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The American Journal of Archaeology website includes materials created by different individuals and obtained from different sources. Although a work may be freely accessible on the web and may not include any statement about copyright, the U.S. Copyright Act nevertheless provides that such works are protected. Users must assume that works are protected by copyright until they learn otherwise and must seek permission from the rightsholder for all uses that are not allowed by fair use and other provisions of the U.S. Copyright Act unless broader rights of use are clearly stated with respect to an individual item. If you need assistance in identifying the rightsholder of material on this website, contact the AJA editorial office.

Permission to Photocopy or Reuse

Individuals and institutions wishing to obtain permission to photocopy, reuse, or distribute portions of the AJA should contact:

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
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Permission to Reprint Illustrations

Permission requests to reprint illustrations published in the AJA should be directed to the AJA editorial office.

Permission to Deposit Published Content in Institutional Repositories

The widest dissemination of scholarly work is an essential part of our mission, so we respect that our authors may wish to deposit their published AJA article in their institution's digital repository. We are happy to agree to this, with the following conditions:

  1. The depositing of the article does not conflict directly with the Archaeological Institute of America's cost-recovery interests.
  2. Any use includes an acknowledgment to the Archaeological Institute of America and the AJA and a link to the official electronic version on JSTOR.

Authors should not deposit draft galley proofs of their article before publication.

Non-Affiliated Repositories
Only the abstract and a link to the official published AJA article on JSTOR should be deposited in any institutional repository not affiliated with the AJA author.

Author Reprints

Author reprints are available for six months post-publication. Contact